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Just to remember the video~

2009-05-21 19:41:17 by Wari0man

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I love this video~ my friend showed it to me~

btw this is ronald mc donald in JAPAN

Shows how EVIL Mcdonald's is. Good luck with your big mac.

This is pretty Funny!

2008-10-16 21:22:28 by Wari0man

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If you havent seen this yet...
Watch it

Woot i Lied!!!

2008-10-12 17:43:29 by Wari0man

no really i did i said last post im gunna make an animation, but the software is confusing and i dont have a mike ^0^. And school is evil.....


2008-10-06 15:08:31 by Wari0man

Omg im gunna make another animation with some friends at my school!!!!!

I think its gunna be called....
Mushroom Kingdom HALLOWEEN

^0^ some of my friends will be the voices while others like Kevin will supply me with the voice thingy... and... uh... i jsut realized that i had my own animation software for free...and now im mad at myself...

rawr :s

Wario land 3 Tours

2008-10-01 19:46:33 by Wari0man

Yay it passed! if u havent watched it yet, go to my userpage and click the only thing under flash submissions!

in other news.... I need 84 dollars to buy the software that i used >.>

Wario land 3 Tours

Wario Land 3 Tours

2008-09-01 21:47:20 by Wari0man

Well i making my first solo flash and the graphics suk...

but w/e

obivously its about wario and Wario land 3...

thats all i feel like saying right now~^^


2008-08-12 16:03:59 by Wari0man

me and my friend (clonecommando232) are going to start making animations soon!

so if ur actually reading this ooooooohhhhh

our first one will be called:

When Brawl Taunts Go BAD!!!

this wont happen untill he gets his share of the money so we can by the flash animator to start working so..... dont expect it soon!!!!

i defaced the clone cuz he wouldnt care but if i defaced shadow he might get mad. O_o


A good flash creator

2008-08-10 19:37:22 by Wari0man

I want to know the BEST flash game/movie creator out there so i can buy one one that all of u guys use....

i know its flash something but w/e
try not to be too expensive =P

A good flash creator

.exe to .swf

2008-08-03 21:58:18 by Wari0man

Yeah i need to know how to convert a exe file to an swf file so i can submit my game anyone know how? if you do PLEASE PM ME THE SOFTWARE NAME (has to be free...) THX and thats about it...

Edit 1: Well... the program i used was Multimedia fusion devolper 2..... ive googled it and i have seen some stuff but i really dont know...

.exe to .swf